Tuesday 7 October 2014

Installation Time

Installation of contemporary Japanese art at Galleri Ping-Pong and GALLERI 21 is going forward, much thanks to the delightful, talented and very reliable Morgan Schagerberg and a fantastic friend of his. It has been a joy to spend this hectic but fun day with colleagues from so far away, and our lunch at Malmö Konsthall was very nice, I think. A big thank you to Ia Neumuller and Dan Setthammar for problem-solving today, and also the greatest thank you available to the Lady-Full-Of-Know-How at Telia, Mobilia, in Malmö, she totally saved my day. The Japanese artists participating in this exhibition are: Sakiko Yamaoka, Yoko Asakai, Pyuupiru, Okumura Yuki, Cobra Goodnight, Chim↑Pom, OLTA, Fumiko Kobayashi, Sachiko Kazama. To the ones who are attending personally and had such a long journey, delayed by the typhoon: Very welcome to Malmö and Sweden! We have longed for this!

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