Sunday 27 April 2014

Sketching the Translation Theme Park

thinking through the exhibition : sakiko yamaoka's drawings : dogs with curly noses and blank spaces : her video pieces and performance in dialogue with the strange outside world of other people : what is my space here : what is the constantly moving home of my body : how does it keep itself to itself and how does this space-body-home translate itself : how does it get translated : yuki okumura's video piece and printed matter for wall : transgression of meaning and language : mutation : transformation : three or four of pyuupiru's photographic self portraits and perhaps : just perhaps : two of her god images : transmitting experiences of a body in change : transexual story-telling and testimony : breaking the boundaries of story-telling and testimonials : chim↑pom's black of death translating political actionist strategies into a hurling radioactive crow-feather-beak-road video installation piece without language : what fumiko kobayashi might show is yet to be negotiated : the same thing with olta collective : cobra goodnight transcribes dramaturgical heroic storytelling trickery into slapstick fars : saving the world with a donut : sachiko kazama transforms the realities of post-fukushima catastrophy into satirical woodcut prints : two images by yoko asakai will translate a certain gaze upon the world into another : and here in kyoto the day is dreamy and unclear and very very beautiful [leif h]

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