Wednesday, 30 April 2014


wonderful day in rainy tokyo : it is rewarding and joyful to plan this exhibition : very curious about the new yuki okumura piece : counting on it to be fabulous : thinking about how to install and present the cobra goodnight video the anal stage 1 : daydreaming about the potted flowers the sofa the goldfish aquarium and the crackers that sakiko yamaoka will install and use as performance props : watching the pyuupiru documentary again : all in all a day of imagination and ideas : only disappointment was this

I am amazed, again. At Ueno Metro Ginza Line an elderly English-speaking tourist couple blocked the way to the ticket vending machine, trying to figure out something on their map. I asked if I could use the machine before them, and they said "Of course!" with happy voices in duet. Then, when my ticket was purchased, I asked if I could help them. "Yes!" the happy duet continued, and it turned out they wanted to go to the Ryogoku area, possibly to visit the Edo-Tokyo Museum. I started to show them on the Tokyo Metro guide, explaining where to go, where to transfer et cetera, but they soon became very annoyed with the situation, telling me that this was not good enough because they wanted to transfer only once and at an exact, very impossible location of their own choice. The man told me I was incompetent (with more impolite words than that) and the woman told me to go away since I was useless. So I did, in confused amazement. I wonder where they are now? I wonder if they are happy? Questions.

but tokyo is a polite and kind city to me : some nice food and friendly talk saved the day : ueno park is a good place to be even in really bad weather : now some coffee [leif h]

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