Saturday 12 April 2014


the day started early in the morning with a nice walk between skyscrapers and small almost cuddly trees : then there was a strange misunderstanding with a taxi driver outside my hotel : he looked increasingly skeptical and a bit afraid as i tried to tell him where to go : after a while he went silent : without looking at my note with the address he stopped the car perhaps two hundred meters from the starting point : and nodded in silence until i left in amazement and walked back to the hotel : this is what happens when you do not learn japanese : luckily the staff at the reception was very helpful and saw to it that next taxi driver took me to my meeting : the meeting with director of mujin-to production : rika fujiki : went well : and we will continue the process of selection and agreement the 15th of april : 6pm : it seems we can exhibit wonderful woodcut images by sachiko kazama in smaller size : about half a meter : and i have grown fond of yoko asakai's photographic work : it seems these can be included as well : mujin-to also represents art collective chim↑pom : chim↑pom's black of death video piece will work wonderfully in the galleri 21 space : it's a contemporary action masterpiece with lots of crows : some slapstick : a lot of sorrow : then there was some really good exhibitions at the museum of contemporary art tokyo : and later i said hello to my turtle friends in the kiyosumi garden pond [leif h]

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